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Doreen Cronin

Illustrator: Betsy Lewin

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

Recommended for:
ages 3 to 7


Number of Pages: 42

List Price: $16.99

ISBN: 9781416916307

Thump, Quack, Moo: A Whacky Adventure

Thump, Quack, Moo by Doreen Cronin: Book Cover     Synopsis:

It's time for the Annual Corn Maze Festival - and it's going to be a ton of work! The barn needs to be painted, the corn field needs a fence around it, and someone has to build a ticket booth for the hot air balloon rides. However, the animals are more interested in giving Farmer Brown a hard time than a helping hand - so, he is forced to make some compromises. He lets the chickens use his hammers. The chickens are excited. He lets the cows use his paintbrushes. The cows are excited. Farmer Brown also has to make some threats. No work means no special order organic duck feed. Duck is not excited. But he has a plan. As Farmer Brown designs his Statue of Liberty maze, Duck does some designing of his own. Guess who's in for a big surprise?

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