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Running Time:
94 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Rating Explanation:
for sexual innuendo, crude humor and language

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Documentaries: MI-6 - International Man of Mystery; Fashion vs. Fiction; Disco Fever; English, English; Fact Track - Trivia subtitle track with direct access to additional features; Filmmaker commentary - Jay Roach and Mike Myers; The World of Austin Powers: Jay Roach & Mike Myers - Creative Convergence, Confluence of Characters (Goldmember, Foxxy Cleopatra, Nigel Powers, Masters Powers & Evil), Opening Stunts, The Cars of Austin Powers in Goldmember, Anatomy of Three Scenes (Dancing at the Gates, Roller Disco, Sumo Battle); Visual FX segment; Deleted/alternate scenes with optional director commentary; Music videos: Beyoncé Knowles "Work It Out," Britney Spears "Boys," Ming Tea "Daddy Wasn't There," Dr. Evil & Mini-Me "Hard Knock Life"; Theatrical and teaser trailers; DVD-ROM content: Revoice Studio - Use your voice to record dialogue in 12 hilarious scenes, exclusive access to online Infinifilm features.

Austin Powers in Goldmember
It's been three years since Austin Powers, that swinging international man of mystery, has faced his arch-nemesis, Dr. Evil, and the cameo-packed title sequence is the funniest 5 minutes you've seen in a long time. In fact the versatile Mike Myers has added a fourth character to his usual galaxy of comic roles in this outrageous series of high enery spoofs. He's Austin, his nemesis Dr. Evil, and the unbelievably obese Scotsman - Fat Bastard, and he now he's Goldmember, a twisted associate of Dr. Evil who lost his genitals in a smelting accident. Goldmember, who looks like a Star Trek reject, wants to destroy the world using a tractor beam (codenamed "Preparation H") aimed at a solid gold asteroid. For some reason, he has also kidnapped Austin's dad, Nigel. Caine, who played in lots of '60s spy movies, gets a chance to be the kind of character he once played seriously, for laughs here. Beyoncé Knowles (the "Destiny's Child" performer) plays Foxxy Cleopatra, Austin's latest love interest. But she displays minimal screen presence and manages to fade into the background whenever possible. Fred Savage (The Wonder Years) is all grown up here playing Number Three, a man with an obvious facial disfigurement. And all the "regulars" are back; Basil Exposition (Michael York), Number Two (Robert Wagner), Scott Evil (Seth Green), Frau Farbissina (Mindy Sterling), and Mini-Me (Verne J. Troyer). As in the previous Austin Powers films, this one tosses so many jokes at the audience that, even if only a fraction of them work, the final product still seems funny. And when Goldmember is delivering its best material, it's a highly entertaining experience that will make millions of additional dollars for Mike Myers and friends.

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