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Running Time:
122 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Additional Info:
Features: Alternate ending; Deleted scenes; "Creating Scene 71" featurette; "Making-of-Bandits" featurette

Willis and Thornton, complete with hair that changes from scene to scene as part of their disguises, are off on the biggest spree of bank jobs since Bonnie and Clyde, making them "the most succesful bank robbers in the history of the United States." They're joined by Blanchett who's an unhappy housewife who forces the pair to take her along with them. The film's played mostly for fun and you'll have an enjoyable time if you don't take it too seriously and you don't mind sitting through several dull spots which could cause you some unhappiness. Billy Bob is particularly good as the neurotic one of the pair. His nervous tics and complaints make his character very interesting and sympathetic. Willis is his usual charming, gruff self. Blanchett is lovelier than ever and her backlit red hair in several scenes is a knockout. Finally there's a twist to the tale that's been well forecast, but is surprising nonetheless.

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