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Running Time:
125 minutes

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Rating Explanation:
for some language and brief nudity

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Nine deleted scenes; DVD-ROM content; original theatrical trailer.

About Schmidt
Warren Schmidt (Nicholson) is a white-collar insurance salesman who's just retired when his wife of 42 years suddenly passes away. His grief hits him harder than he expected since he's been sick of her for years. Killing time before his daughter Jeannie's (Hope Davis) marriage to a schlubby waterbed salesman (Dermot Mulroney) he revisits some of his old haunts eventually arriving at the home of his future in-laws, where further indignities await, from an oversexed mother-of-the-groom (a hilarious Kathy Bates) to a waterbed that plays havoc with his aging bones. It culminates at the wedding reception, where he wrestles with his overwhelming temptation to tell the friends, relatives, and guests what a bunch of worthless idiots they are. The film directed by Alexander Payne (Election) delves into some of the routines people explore when they have too much time on their hands and the best moments of the film take place during Schmidt's solitary pre-wedding journey which shows his life to be as flat and empty as the Midwestern plains stretching monotonously ahead of him.

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