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Running Time:
94 minutes

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Audio commentary by director Sharon Maguire; making-of featurette; two music videos: Shelby Lynn's "Killin' Kind" and Gabrielle's "Out of Reach"; international end credit sequence; original Bridget Jones columns.

Bridget Jones's Diary
Complete with a believable British accent, Zellweger, who gained 20 pounds to look like the unhappy romantically obsessed bachelorette desperately looking for love, becomes a major screen star with this memorable performance as the adorable Bridget Jones. She was also quite wonderful in her last screen appearnce as "Nurse Betty," but this role cinches her claim to fame and fortune. Forever writing in her diary about her miserable existence, Bridget enters into a high-risk relationship with her sexy but smarny boss, well played by Hugh Grant. She also has another suitor, her childhood friend, now a stiff-laced but handsome barrister played by Colin Firth. When these finally three confront each other, you'll see real fireworks. Beautifully photographed all around London, this charming film was knowingly directed for fun and romance by Sharon Maguire.

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