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Running Time:
110 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Rating Explanation:
for sexual content and brief nudity

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
This is an innocuous, occasionally cute, teenage romantic comedy. It's a fantasy made for little girls, and as such, it will entertain the teeny-bopper set.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Additional scenes; Gag reel; Entire concert performance of The Seed by the Roots; Commentary by Mandy Moore and Matthew Goode; Passport to Europe: European grand tour with the stars, recalling their fun during the shoot and offering travel tips; Theatrical trailer; Languages: English & Franšais (dubbed in Quebec); Subtitles: English, Franšais & Espa˝ol

Chasing Liberty
Mandy Moore ("Princess Diaries") is Anna Foster, the spunky eighteen-year-old daughter of the U.S. president (Mark Harmon), and she's sick and tired of being followed on dates by Secret Service agents. She longs to hang out with boys and be free and independent like her friends. When the president is urged by First Lady Michelle Foster (Caroline Goodall) to give Anna some freedom, he devises an ingenious scheme. In order to appease his wife and rebellious daughter, he devises a plan for her to meet a young and handsome agent in Prague, where the family is on a state visit. But the president doesn't let his wife and daughter in it. So when Anna has a cute meeting with motorcycle-riding stud Ben Calder (Matthew Goode), she doesn't have an inkling that he's really an agent assigned to protect her, and she jumps on his bike to escape the agents who are following her. What does follow is the two young people on a romantic fling across Europe, through the Austrian Alps, Venice, London, and ending up at joyous Love Fest rave in Berlin celebrating world peace. Inevitably, Anna falls for Ben and Ben does the same, while trying to keep her from discovering his true identity. The basic plot is pretty similar to the Audrey Hepburn classic "Roman Holiday," but where Hepburn's character was resolutely chaste throughout the film, Anna is more than eager to go for broke. We see her skinny-dipping in the Danube and later on, pretending to be a newlywed with him, in order to get a room in Venice. Things don't really go much further in this harmless film directed by Andy Cadiff. The supporting players are better than the stars, especially the more interesting love story that takes place between the two middle-aged secrets (Annabella Sciorra and Jeremy Priven) as a pair of buddies-turned-lovers in a subplot that mirrors the film's plot.

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