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Running Time:
108 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Rating Explanation:
for nudity, some language and drug-related material

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
A clever, endearing and thoroughly charming British comedy with few surprises and a disappointing last half hour

Additional Info:
DVD Features: "The Naked Truth" documentary; "Creating The Calendar" documentary; Deleted scenes.

Calendar Girls
Helen Mirren (Gosford Park) and Julie Walters (Billy Elliott) star as a pair of middle-aged Yorkshire women who are members of an uncommonly dull WI Club (a Womens Institute for ladies of a certain age and whose motto is "Enlightenment, Fun and Friendship) but which offers lectures on the joys of broccoli and houseplants. But when Walters’ husband dies of cancer, the two of them devise a scheme to raise money so that they can purchase a new couch for the hospital waiting room, where they spent many uncomfortable hours. They convince some of their fellow matrons to pose nude (but well camouflaged) for a fund-raising calendar. Much to their (but not our) surprise, it becomes a sensation bringing in the media who descend on their tiny village in full force. Most of the film is a sweet, bucolic and silly bit of understated comedy, but it also shows that success doesn’t come without a price. Ms. January’s son (John–Paul MacLeod) is so embarrassed that he turns to drugs, despite the fact that it was his magazine full of pictures of naked young women that his mother found under his bed, which inspired the calendar idea in the fist place. There's also a husband of another of the middle-aged models, who uses her participation to justify his infidelity. The sweet taste of fame threatens to sour some of the women's longtime relationships when they are invited to Hollywood for an inevitable appearance on the Jay Leno Show. This is where the film begins to falter as nothing very exciting happens on their trip, but which prolongs the film for an unnecessary twenty minutes or so, without adding anything of substance, or producing any real laughs. Despite this lag, the film is basically a delight and it produces many smiles and a few happy tears. P.S. To date, the WI Calendar has made a half million pounds, which has been promised to the Leukemia Research Fund, and they got their new sofa - in leather

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