Morris Chestnut, Gabrielle Union and Peter MacNicol

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Running Time:
85 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Rating Explanation:
for sexual material/humor and language

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
Jamie Foxx's genial charm and a talented cast keep this formulaic romantic comedy moving on a predictable track, but it's bogged down with an overly complicated plot.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Cast and crew commentary; Making-of featurette; Mock interview with Quincy Watson; Gag reel; Newly colorized and restored Three Stooges short 'Hoi Polloi'

Breakin' All the Rules
Jamie Foxx is the editor of Spoil Magazine and has much to be happy about. He's got a great job. He's about to be engaged to the lovely Biana Lawson, when his world completely falls apartes. He's dumped by his fiancee who heads off to Paris to sow her wild oats. And that's right after Peter MacNicol, his new boss has put him in charge of firing 15% of the magazine's staff, a job he finds he cannot do. After putting his name at the top of the "to be fired" list, he heads home to mope. But first, he writes a letter to his beloved fiancee which, by the time he's done, becomes the basis of a soon to be bestselling book on how to break off a relationship. That book is something that his cousin (Morris Chestnut) should've read, but didn't, so he asks Foxx to handle the dumping of his current flame (Gabrielle Union), because three months is about as long as he lets a dating relationship continue. This is followed by a number of familiar mistaken identity sequences, too complicated to explain. Writer/director Daniel Taplitz' romantic comedy, is full of ideas you've seen dozens of times before, and better. That's what makes these middle of the road comedies fall into a good for a rental category, but not quite worth the price of admission.

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