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Running Time:
1 hour 41 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Rating Explanation:
for sexual content, nudity and language

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
A pleasant romantic comedy and Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet make a "cute couple," so at least it's a passable "date movie."

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Blooper reel; Deleted scenes; Music video performed by Aqualung; Audio commentary by director Nigel Cole & producers Armyan Bernstein and Kevin Messick.

A Lot Like Love
Oliver Martin (Ashton Kutcher) and Emily Friehl (Amanda Peet) meet on a flight from L.A. to New York. He's going there to visit his deaf brother, and she to visit her father and stepmother. On the flight, Emily, who’s just had a fight with her rocker boyfriend, seduces the good-natured, and obviously smitten, Oliver in the lavatory. Later on they meet again in New York City, just the first of many unlikely coincidences, and spend one of those days together when they each overlook their obvious mutual attraction and emphasize instead their apparent incompatibility. As they part, he gives her his parents’ phone number with instructions to call in seven years so he can prove that his plan to marry and get rich will have succeeded. Three years later, Emily, having just been dumped by her boyfriend, calls Oliver as a last resort and they get together for a spectacular New Year’s Eve, after which, unfortunately, he’s moving to San Francisco to go into an internet diaper-delivery business with his pal Jeeter (Kal Penn). Two years later, Oliver is putting the finishing touches on his web-based dream, only to be unceremoniously dumped by his live-in girlfriend, which prompts him to fly back to L.A. and seek consolation from Emily, who's by now an up-and-coming photographer. Once again they share a brief fling, this time with a trip to the desert, but he has to break it off to fly off to New York to arrange investment capital for his business. A year later, however, his website’s collapsed along with so many others, and Oliver moves back home with his parents, broke and broken. He reconnects with Emily, now a successful photog, by serenading her, but finds she’s now engaged, and to a good-looking guy (Jeremy Sisto). Kutcher comes off reasonably well, although he’s not quite as likable as he was in “Guess Who,” but he’s not obnoxious either. But it's Amanda Peet who really steals the film. She's got nice comic timing and she's easy to watch. They do make an appealling couple. The film, directed by Nigel Cole (Calendar Girls) is a pleasant, but occasionally dull romantic comedy. It has some funny moments, some sad moments and some boring ones too, but in the end you'll leave the theater feeling good.

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