Will Ferrell) an actor who's planning to star in an updated version of the beloved 1960's sit-com "Bewitched," a">

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Running Time:
1 hour, 38 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Rating Explanation:
for some language, including sex and drug references, and partial nudity

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
Disappointing when it should be charming. A loser that should have been a winner.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: The limited edition of Bewitched (2005) includes a bonus disc offering the first, second, and fourth episodes of the original TV series --"I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha," "Be It Ever So Mortgaged," and "It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog." The Bewitched (2005) movie disc includes an audio commentary by director Nora Ephron; deleted scenes; "Witch Vision" trivia track; Bewitched trivia game; "Casting a Spell" making-of featurette; "Star Shots" featurette; "Why I Love Bewitched" featurette.

Will Ferrell plays Jack Wyatt, a self-important actor whose big-screen career has hit the skids. He's given a chance to star in an update of the TV series "Bewitched," though, being well aware of the expendability of the actors who played the part of Darrin on TV, he's determined not to be upstaged by any Samantha. That's when he meets Isabel Bigelow (Nicole Kidman), a real witch who is becoming tired of her witchy life and is eager to lead a normal existence complete with a husband and a white picket fence. Taken by her uncanny resemblance to Elizabeth Montgomery, especially with her twitchy nose, Wyatt is convinced he's found an unknown who won't steal spotlight away from his big comeback. Naturally things don't go as either of them had planned, leading to all manner of wacky shenanigans. Director and co-screenwriter Nora Ephron, (Sleepless in Seattle), tries various approaches here, but although there are a few early comedy moments, the film soon runs out of steam, as if someone had cast a spell on it and made all the fun disappear. Despite Will Ferrell's gifts for improv, the task of carrying an entire picture simply doesn't work this time. Nicole Kidman brings a sweet demeanor to the part that doesn't always go with the angrier moods she is called on to display; but she does have that nose-twitching down cold. In supporting roles, Shirley MacLaine is a natural as Endora and Michael Caine is effectively debonair as Kidman's warlock papa. Jason Schwartzman as Ferrell's sycophant manager and Kristin Chenoweth (who played the part of Glinda the Good Witch in Broadway's "Wicked") as Kidman's man-hungry next-door neighbor have little to do, and comic opportunities are further missed under-utilizing the talents of Steve Carell as Uncle Arthur (played so delightfully on TV by Paul Lynde) and Carole Shelley as dippy Aunt Clara (played by Marion Lorne). They each appear in segments that fall awkwardly flat. Production values are certainly enchanting but where the original "Bewitched" had a special charm, this one has very little.

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