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Running Time:
1 hour, 51 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Rating Explanation:
for rude behavior, language throughout, some sexuality & thematic elements

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
Billy Bob Thornton's irascible performance makes this a shaggy, but relatively enjoyable remake of the 1976 original.

Additional Info:
Features: Commentary by director and co-screenplay writers; Featurettes; Deleted scenes; Outtakes; Theatrical trailer; Video baseball cards.

Bad News Bears
Billy Bob Thornton stars as Buttermaker, a drunken ex-ballplayer looking for nothing more than the next paycheck to pay for his daily trip to the liquor store. He's been enlisted to coach a ragtag team of foul-mouthed Little League underachievers, but it mostly seems like he’s really just reprising his role in “Bad Santa.” A mother has sued a competitive league for not letting her child play, and her little boy has joined eight others as a team of misfits in need of a coach who can only take the field thanks to a judicial injunction. But Buttermaker doesn’t care, in fact he barely notices their inadequacies. He works as an exterminator by day, and then comes to practice half drunk at night. He's not crazy about his team, and they outwardly despise him. But once he shakes off his cynical apathy, he coaches in earnest, grabs a couple of ringers and turns his band of misfits around to face a championship team coached by a smarmy Greg Kinnear. Director Richard Linklater (School of Rock) brings out the dark implications of a bitter drunk coaching a bunch of misfits, and the writers have inserted some amusing interplay between the overtly anti-PC humor and a serious approach to the feelings of the frustrated, ethnically-mixed players. Sammi Kane Kraft plays the tomboy recruited by Buttermaker to become the Bears ace pitcher (played by Tatum O'Neal in 1976), Macia Gay Harden plays her mother. Jeffrey Davies is the motorcycle-riding rebel who belatedly joins the team and becomes their star player; and two kids who look almost identical to their '70s counterparts have been cast as the feistiest members of the Bears, overweight catcher Mike Engelberg and diminutive powder-keg Tanner Boyle. There's also an African-American, Ahmad Abdul Rahim; the Hispanic Aguilar brothers and the Bears' worst player, Timmy Lupus, as well as a kid in a wheelchair, an Armenian kid with a hard-to-pronounce last name and a brainy kid of Indian heritage. If you can take the assault on your senses, you may discover that there's a good message underneath it all, and Billy Bob gets off some very funny one-liners though he never makes us forget Walter Matthau of the original.

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