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Running Time:
1 hour, 48 minutes

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Rating Explanation:
for some sexual content

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
A stlish, exuberant comedy/farce giving Heath Ledger, Oliver Platt and Jeremy Irons a chance to show their acting skills.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: "Creating an Adventure" - the making of Casanova; "Dressing in Style" - designing costumes from the 18th century fashion capital of Europe; Extended sequence: "Hidden in Plain Sight"; "Visions of Venice" - recreating the world's most enchanting city in the 18th century; Audio commentary with director Lasse Hallström.

The film which is loosely based on real events begins when Casanova, the most notorious lover in Italy, is arrested for debauchery, including the seducing of a nun. He is given his freedom thanks to his friendship with local royalty, but he's only allowed to remain in Venice if he mends his ways and promises to take a wife. Although he soon finds a suitably rich, beautiful and virginal fiancée, his matrimonial plans go awry when he is smitten by a Francesca (Sienna Miller "Alfie"), a firebrand feminist who despises him. A proponent of equal rights for women, she disapproves of everything about him, and so he is forced to pretend to be someone else in his attempts to woo her. Adding to Casanova's problems is the arrival of both a Grand Inquisitor of the Catholic Inquisition (Jeremy Irons) and Francesca's fiancée (Oliver Platt "Pieces of April"), to whom she has been promised since childhood. However, the world's greatest lover didn't get his reputation by letting little things like a death sentence and a rival for his love's affection get in his way. This film directed by Lasse Hallström ("The Cider House Rules"), is just a light-hearted farce without any real bite. Oliver Platt, in a fat suit steals several scenes as Francesca's insecure fiancée. The inquisition led by a sneeringly delightful Jeremy Irons is fairly unthreatening and the reasons for Casanova suddenly falling in love after a lifetime of debauchery are never really explained. One of the best things about the movie are the beautiful shots of Venice, where it is set and was filmed. If Heath Ledger needed a role to counterpoint his appearance as a gay cowboy in "Brokeback Mountain," he certainly found it in this perfectly enoyable bit of fluff, but with a better script it might have been so much better.

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