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Running Time:
1 hour, 39 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Rating Explanation:
for some sexual humor and a humorous drug reference

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
An inconsequential sequel to an inconsequential original.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: 12 deleted/extended scenes with optional commentary; Audio commentary by director John Whitesell, Producer David T. Friendly and actor Zachary Levi; "Big Momma's Secrets" featurette & more!

Big Momma's House 2
Martin Lawrence ("Bad Boys") is back as FBI agent Malcolm Turner, who has taken a desk job while his wife Sherry (Nia Long "Alfie") is pregnant. But when an agent is killed while working undercover, Malcolm goes back into the field to finish up the case. Obviously, this will require him to go back into his closet and pull out his fat suit, that been sitting there for six years, and dress up again as "Big Momma."

Since the FBI is about to send an agent into a national security suspect's home, posing as his children's nanny, and despite not having either a resume or references, Malcolm (Big Momma) goes to the house and gets the job. To avoid suspicion, a good agent would try to do a good job as a nanny, but Big Momma throws the laundry in the garbage and gets the dog drunk. But she does mnanage to get involved with the three children. The 2-year-old doesn't speak yet, so Big Momma eventually coaxes some words out of him. The 12-year-old girl wants to be a cheerleader, so Big Momma helps her out with some funky dance moves, and the teenage daughter is going through a rebellious phase, so Big Momma becomes her friend and sets her straight. All the sequences are old and obvious and basically just a series unfunny sit-com gags all leading to a thoroughly predictable conclusion. It's totally uninspired, and hardly worth your time or money.

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