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Running Time:
1 hour, 33 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Rating Explanation:
for crude and sexual humor, language, a comic violent image and some drug references

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
It's as silly as you'd expect it to be, but, as is usual in a Will Ferrell comedy, it has plenty of laughs along the way.

Additional Info:
Will Ferrell ... Chazz Michael Michaels
Jon Heder ... Jimmy MacElroy
Will Arnett ... Stranz Van Waldenberg
Amy Poehler ... Fairchild Van Waldenberg
Jenna Fischer ... Katie Van Waldenberg

DVD Features: Deleted scenes; Gag reel; Alternate takes; Behind-the-scenes featurettes.
William Fichtner ... Darren MacElroy
Craig T. Nelson ... Coach

Blades of Glory
Chazz Michael Michaels (Will Ferrell "Anchorman") is a rough, tough, sex-obsessed, sleazy professional skater who enjoys entertaining his fans with a few pelvic thrusts on the ice. His biggest rival is Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder “Napolean Dynamite”), a soft-spoken, tutu-wearing, effeminate kid wizz on the ice. Jimmy glides over the ice and skates from the heart while Chazz is a heavy-metal demon and skates from the gut.

They each hate the other a lot, and when they both get involved in a public brawl, they are kicked out of the individual skating world for life. After several years Jimmy's old coach (Craig T. Nelson "All the Right Moves") figures out that the skating committee's rules have a loophole that would allow Jimmy and Chazz to skate as a pair and compete, if they can put aside their differences. But they have to figure out how to come up with a spectacular skating move that's never been seen before. What follows is pretty predictable. They continuously bicker and get beat up in training, while gradually inching toward their inevitable bonding. They do crazy routines that win over the crowd and their success leads them to their major competitors, the succesful brother and sister duo the Van Waldenbergs (Will Arnett "Monster-in-Law" and Amy Poehler from TV's "Saturday Night Live").

While the laughs tend to be a bit milder than in Ferrell's recent comedies, there are still plenty of them. The film was directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon who got their start doing TV Commercials. They were lucky to get a bunch of recognizable faces to do cameo appearances including Scott Hamilton, Nancy Kerrigan, Dorothy Hamill, Brian Boitano, Sasha Baron Cohen, and a bunch of others. There are some particularly hilarious remarks by Scott Hamilton when he's commentating on the skating events and a riotous scene when Sasha Baron Cohen ends up catching Chazz's jock strap.

This is one of those rare comedies that puts a goofy smile on your face from the premise alone, and it only gets goofier as it continues right through to its its wacky finale. Both Will Ferrell and Jon Heder are superb physical comedians who don't mind looking foolish. Their lack of self-consciousness is an ace in the hole, building laugh upon laugh. The movie takes advantage of the disparities between their sizes, their ages, and perhaps most importantly, their personalities. It all makes for an outrageously funny romp.

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