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Running Time:
1 hour, 29 minutes

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Rating Explanation:
for strong crude and sexual content, graphic nudity, pervasive language, drug use and some violence

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
A raunchy, irreverent, frantic, hodge-podge of low-brow gags and winking humor.

Additional Info:
John Cho ... Harold
Kal Penn ... Kumar
Bobby Lee ... Kenneth Park
Tom Lennon ... Todd
Amir Blumenfeld ... Adrian
Paula GarcÚs ... Maria
Danny Trejo ... Mr. Perez
Marvin Cruz ... Timo Perez
Patton Oswalt ... Mall Santa
Inga Wilson ... Mom in Line
Isabella Gielniak ... Caren

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
In this third installment in the series, six years after their Guantanamo Bay adventure, Harold (John Cho) is married and Kumar (Kal Penn) is still Kumar. They don’t really hang out much anymore, have become estranged, with Harold, the straight-laced Wall Street type married to a Latin hottie (Paula Garces) and living in the suburbs, while Kumar remains a pot-head slacker who was tossed out of med school for failing a drug test. When a package for Harold is delivered to their old apartment on Christmas Eve, Kumar decides to drop it off at his old partner’s house. Incidentally, Harold's hostile father-in-law Carlos (Danny Trejo) also happens to be a holiday fanatic. The package turns out to contain a huge joint, and when Kumar lights it up, it sets Harold’s Christmas tree ablaze.

So the pair sets off to find a replacement tree, an odyssey that gets them into all sorts of trouble, sometimes also implicating Kumar’s nerdy, horny neighbor Adrian (Amir Blumenfeld) and Harold’s uptight pal Todd (Tom Lennon). There are sequences involving faux homeboys, a family of Russian gangsters, a holiday pageant, a robotic appliance called the Wafflebot, lots of weed, cocaine and sex, exposed penises, flying feces, Santa Clauses (both fake and real), and even a party-boy Jesus.

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson ("Private High Musical") features tons of raunchy gags and visuals, plenty of politically incorrect humor, outrageous and often violent slapstick, broad, wide-eyed turns from the leads, and Neil Patrick Harris sending himself up. The puritanical will be shocked, even offended, by bits that constitute mild blasphemy, crude ethnic stereotyping, nudity, and child endangerment—so you’ve been warned.

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