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Running Time:
130 minutes

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Rating Explanation:
for violent images, nudity, language and sexuality

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Feature commentary with director Alan Parker; Deleted scenes with optional director's commentary; The making-of The Life of David Gale; The music of The Life of David Gale.

The Life of David Gale
David Gale (Kevin Spacey) was a University professor in Austin, Texas who spent much of his time as a part of a group seeking to eliminate the death penalty ("Deathwatch"). But, suddenly in an ironic twist of fate, Gale finds himself on death row for the murder of his "Deathwatch" partner (Laura Linney). He swears he is innocent, and decides to tell his side of story to News Magazine reporter "Bitsey" Bloom (Kate Winslet). She accepts the assignment, travels down to Texas and learns that there is much more to David Gale's case than initially meets the eye. The film's basic story line is engrossing since you're never really quite sure what to believe until the very end. And the acting is really solid. Kevin Spacey gives another thought provoking performance, and Kate Winslet is fine as the conflicted reporter. The problem is that once again director Alan Parker (Mississippi Burning, Midnight Express) simplistically portrays the south as mostly a bunch of Bible-spouting idiots who aren't intelligent enough to know right from wrong. It could have helped tremdously if this melodrama had presented both sides of the complex argument; but since it's so weighed down with in-your-face diatribes, it's not a completely satisying experience.

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