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Running Time:
1 hour, 32 minutes

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Rating Explanation:
for strong graphic violence and disturbing content, sexuality, nudity, drug use and language.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
A minor horror movie that quickly devolves into an incoherent mess.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Audio Commentary ; Deleted Scenes; The Bloody Truth: The Special Effects of Turistas; Out of Breath: Underwater Production.

The plot begins with a group of strangers on a Brazilian tour bus. The driver attempts to pass a couple on a moped, and soon the bus is hanging over a ledge. Everyone gets out, and the bus rolls off the hillside and is destroyed. Six of the attractive young Americans huddle together and start talking about their options after retrieving their luggage from the wreckage. Alex (Josh Duhamel - TV's "Las Vegas") is on vacation with his sister, Bea (Olivia Wilde "The Girl Next Door") and her wild friend, Amy (model Beau Garrett). Pru (Melissa George "The Amityville Horror"), a wanderer by nature, is a long way away from her native Australia. And Finn (Desmond Askew "The Hills Have Eyes") and Liam (Max Brown "Fallen Angels") are visiting from England, looking for wine and women. Instead of waiting for the replacement bus, they decide to investigate rumors of an ultra-secret private beach and bar. Only one of them speaks Portuguese; the rest seem to assume they are in a Spanish-speaking country, not that any of them speak Spanish either. The group forgets their troubles in a hurry once they hit the beach, and they begin dancing and drinking heavily. But when they awaken the next morning they find that they’ve been drugged and everything but the clothes on their backs is gone. They have no cash, credit cards or passports. And the Swedish couple they partied with last night is missing. The group stumbles into the nearby town where they run into Kiko (Brazilian newcomer Agles Stieb), a local who practiced his English with them the previous day. When the locals turn on them after an incident between Liam and a little boy wearing Alex's baseball cap, Kiko offers to take them to his uncle’s place. It's far out of town, but once they get there they find that it's a beautiful house, stocked with food, clothes, and clean water. But that night, when the “uncle” arrives, things turn really scary.

If this all sounds a lot like “Hostel,” that may be, because it is. What begins as a party, with drinking and sex and a topless scene featuring Beau Garrett ends up with the victims being drugged and violated, and that’s just the beginning of the similarities. The only difference is that this film directed by John Stockwell ("Blue Crush") has a bit of a moral center, although it's mostly made up of elements of various thrillers and horror movies from the last year, particularly “The Descent” and “The Cave.”
"Turistas" might have worked in spite of the lame story, but none of the characters ever seem believable, and it is simply so nauseatingly gory in spots without being scary, that it's hardly worth your time or money.

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