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Running Time:
1 hour, 41 minutes

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Rating Explanation:
for bloody violence, language, some sexuality/nudity and partying.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
Made exclusively for thrill-seeking teenagers and twentysomethings, this is a forgettable remake of a 1983 horror movie.

Additional Info:
Briana Evigan ... Cassidy
Leah Pipes ... Jessica
Rumer Willis ... Ellie
Jamie Chung ... Claire
Audrina Patridge ... Megan
Margo Harshmann ... Chugs
Carrie Fisher ,,, Mrs. Crenshaw

Sorority Row

Cover Image Five sorority sisters get themselves into trouble when a practical joke goes violently wrong. Pushy leader Jessica (Leah Pipes "Her Best Move") wants to cover up the crime, and Claire and Chugs (Jamie Chung "Dragonball Evolution" and Margo Harshman "Rise") agree. But Cassidy (Briana Evigan "House of the Damned") wants to come clean, and Ellie (Rumer Willis "The House Bunny") can't cope with the guilt. But, eight months later it all comes back to haunt them. On the night of their year-end party, Megan  (Audrina Patridge - TV's "The Hills") who they thought was dead, seems to have come back with a vengeance.

Actually, all of the action centers around frat and sorority parties, because it allows the director Stewart Hendler ("Whisper")  to fill the screen with under-clad girls wearing micro-minis and mega-heels getting drunk and taunting dumb musclehead boys. All the better to distract the audience from the contrived plot and idiotic events. And none of the characters has any personality really, although each one has a single trait played to the hilt by an eager cast. But, the film is stolen by Carrie Fisher as the no-nonsense housemother. Sadly, she has little screen time. 

In fact, Sorority Row  is simply an average slasher pic that meanders indecisively between gore and gags with little focus, no sense of pace and nothing to keep us interested as we approach the fiery finale, which is set up in the most painfully obvious way imaginable. At least the girls seem to be having fun, indulging in a few moments of hilarious excess. And of course there's a random death in a shower. Like the recent Prom Night, the film should achieve a substantial audience of thrill-seeking teenagers and twentysomethings, and maybe that's enough to make it a profitable endeavor.


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