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Running Time:
1 hour, 58 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Rating Explanation:
for violence, frightening sequences and brief suggestive material

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
This is your worst nightmare, and who did they think would even want to see this train wreck of a movie?

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Deleted scenes with optional commentary; Feature commentary; Bringing the fairy take to life; The visual magic of The Brothers Grimm.

The Brothers Grimm
Matt Damon and Heath Ledger star as Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, two brothers in French occupied Germany who make a living travelling the countryside convincing unsuspecting villagers that their towns are haunted and agreeing to get rid of their demons - for a price. As a boy, Jacob himself was swindled by someone who sold him magic beans that would allegedly cure his ailing sister. She of course died. But the seed, as they say, was planted. A French General (Jonathan Pryce of "Evita ") and his psychotic Italian henchman Peter Stormare ("Minority Report") despise the brothers for the way they are able to fool the citizenry, but they find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to call on them for help rather than merely putting them to death. The General decides that they will torture them a little bit first. It seems the countryside is cursed and pretty young maidens are disappearing at an alarming rate into a supposedly enchanted forest. The brothers are ordered to find the girls and return them to their families. The General naturally expects this will end with them getting burned alive by the townsfolk. Will thinks that the enchanted woods are just the work of someone whos got an even more elaborate scheme than the ones that he and his brother have been perpetrating. But Jacob notices that the trees are really moving, and hes read all the local tales that Will dismisses. They enlist the reluctant help of a tracker named Angelika (Lena Headey of "The Cave") to get them out of the woods alive. Her most useful skill is knowing that if she gets lost in the forest, she can lick a toad and it will point the way home. The screenplay's story loses focus as soon as Angelika leads the boys into the woods, with bizarre, barely explained legends about ancient prophecies muddying the waters. The sexy and alluring Monica Bellucci ("Malena") co-stars as a cursed queen (a combination Snow White, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty) trapped in a tower. Director Terry Gilliam ("12 Monkeys", "Brazil") compounds the films multitude of problems with myriad scenes of mud and slime, tentacled trees, creepy crawly bugs, wild screeching, swooping birds and innumerable special effects that take up much of the running time. By incorporating elements of Jack and the Beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, The Frog Prince, The Gingerbread Boy, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty into the plot, writer Ehren Kruger ("The Ring" movies and "The Skeleton Key") has created a screenplay full of wild activity and dark comedy that seems perfectly suited to Gilliam's talents. But it all grows extremely tiresome before very long, not to mention confusing.

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