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Running Time:
1 hour, 30 minutes

Rating: PG Parental Guidance Suggested.

Rating Explanation:
for mild thematic elements and brief language.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
One of the most compelling movies of the year, with a sensational performance by David Strathairn as Edward R. Murrow.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Commentary by director/screenwriter George Clooney and producer/screenwriter Grant Heslov; Good Night, And Good Luck. Companion piece; Theatrical trailer; Subtitles: English, Français & Español (Feature Film Only)

Good Night and Good Luck
Shot in atmospheric black-and-white, the movie brilliantly evokes the hysteria, hypocrisy, and paranoia that permeated the U. S. in the 1950's. A nation being pressured by a powerful demagogue (Senator Joseph McCarthy), and revealing the unexpected heroism of the network television journalist (Edward R. Murrow), and the attempts by sponsors to intimidate that journalist whose CBS show “See It Now” was largely responsible for taking down the Senator. Director George Clooney balances the disparate elements of this major chapter in our nation's sometimes shameful history, establishing himself as one of Hollywood’s finest directors. And he has drawn amazing performances from an excellent cast which includes David Strathairn as the cerebral, enigmatic Edward R. Murrow, who takes command of every scene he is in, which is nearly every scene in the film. Strathairn will undoubtably receive an Oscar nomination as Best Actor of the year. Lending excellent support are Clooney himself, playing producer Fred Friendly; Robert Downey Jr., Patricia Clarkson, Ray Wise, and Jeff Daniels as Murrow’s stressed colleagues at CBS; and, in a scary portrait of the powerful CBS mogul William Paley (Murrow's boss), the extraordinary Frank Langella. One of Clooney's finest ideas was not to cast anyone at all to play McCarthy or any of the figures that Murrow interviews. Instead he uses the actual television footage from the CBS archives. The effect is stunning, and actually hearing McCarthy speak and witnessing his kangaroo-court-like hearings is far more powerful than it would have been with actors speaking the lines. "Good night and Good Luck" is clearly a labor of love for writer, director and co-star George Clooney, who's made one of the year's finest films.

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