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Running Time:
2 hour, 3 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Rating Explanation:
for brief strong language and some sensuality.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
This delightful comedy is basically a two hour long celebration of love, life and cooking highlighted by another amazing performance by Meryl Streep.

Additional Info:
DVD Features:
Closed Caption; Secret ingredients: creating Julia & Julia; Commentary with writer/director Nora Ephron.

Meryl Streep ... Julia Child
Amy Adams ... Julie Powell
Stanley Tucci ... Paul Child
Chris Messina ... Eric Powell
Linda Emond ... Simone Beck
Helen Carey ... Louisette Bertholle
Jane Lynch ... Dorothy McWilliams

Julie and Julia
Inspired by two bestselling books, Julie Powell's memoir about her experiment to cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking and Julia Child's memoir with Alex Prud'homme, My Life in France; writer/director Nora Ephron ("You've Got Mail") has combined their stories showing exactly how each of their lives were changed forever through cooking.

Julie Powell (Amy Adams "Enchanted"), a secretary working near the recently destroyed World Trade Center back in 2002, starts writing about her experiment as a blog at the encouragement of her husband Eric (Chris Messina "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"). She goes through all kinds of frustration as she struggles through Child's complex recipes. As her blog attracts more and more readers, her life becomes more and more complicated as she squabbles with her husband as often as she feeds him
in their tiny studio apartment,

50 years earlier, in post-war France,  the life of Julia Child (Meryl Streep "Sophie Choice") wasn't much like Julie Powell's, except for the food and her exceptionally supportive husband Paul (Stanley Tucci "Big Night"). With no
thing better to do, Julia takes up cooking classes at the famous Cordon Bleu and quickly discovers her delight in learning how to cook. A chance encounter introduces her to Simone Beck (Linda Emond "Pollock") and Louise Bertholle (Helen Carey "Little Children"), who are struggling to write a French cookbook and asks Julia to help them. This section reveals wonderful personal details about Julia and Paul's mid-afternoon trysts as well as a tender subplot in which Julia's sister (Jane Lynch "Best in Show") falls in love and gets pregnant while Julia is struggling to conceive.

The most charming parts of the film are watching Julia sniff fresh produce in delight and Julie struggle with groceries on the subway, but undoubtedly, the single best reason to see the film is Streep and Tucci together in their funny, deeply romantic marriage, full of quips and sex and lots of amazing food. Although nothing much happens in this soufflé-light summer fare, the emotional truths in and out of the kitchen, plus Streep's dynamite presence, makes for a movie that's a surprisingly engaging celebration of love, life and cooking.

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