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Running Time:
128 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Narrative subtitle options (English, Franšais)

And Now Ladies and Gentlemen
Jeremy Irons is spectacular playing a jewel thief, (Valentin Valentin) who pretends to be a detective, and tells a store-manager that he's set a trap for a thief who is about to rob his shop. Then he comes back to the store, in old-man getup, and performs the theft in a hilarious stickup scene. He then manages to seduce a beautiful young beauty, but he's too depressed to stay with her, and unhappy with his miserable marriage, he takes off on a sail around the world on his 60-foot yacht. On the boat he passes out, washing ashore in Morocco, with not much memory of who he is and why he's there. Soon, in a dark alley, he meets a a jazz singer named Jane Lester (Patricia Kaas in her screen debut). She had come to Morocco to forget a recent breakup, and is singing to disinterested audiences in Fez's swankiest hotel. Valentin, happens to be walking in the alley just as Jane, on her way home is being set up for a mugging. by a couple of shady characters. He's able to save her and they go off together. She tells him that she's having periodic blackouts that are threatening her career. He tells her that he is having depressing dreams every night. So they go for help to a Moroccan doctor, Lamy (Jean-Marie Bigard in a double role as a chemist and as his twin who performs brain surgery in a hospital). Their courtship is rocky at first, but eventually develops into a real love affair. Director Claude Lelouch has achieved the look and feel of a magical dream, where everyone is totally jaded yet delightfully whimsical, and it's all enhanced by an atmospheric score by the great Michel Legrand ("The Umbrellas of Cherbourg,") DVD Features: Narrative subtitle options (English, Franšais)


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