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Running Time:
143 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Commentary by Robert Zemeckis and crew; Anamorphic widescreen (aspect ratio 1.85:1); Audio: English DTS ES, English Dolby Digital EX, English Dolby Surround, French Dolby Surround; Subtitles: English, Spanish.

Cast Away
There are three men responsible for this awesome film; Robert Zemeckis the director, William Broyles Jr., the writer and Hanks. They worked together for years getting it "right" before they went into production, which itself took place over a 16 month period with a year off in the middle so that Hanks could loose the 50 extra pounds he had put on for the early portions; and while Zemeckis made another, far less spectacular film. What makes this movie really work is the attention to detail making every moment of the interminable stay on the South Pacific island real; every incident believable. Sure they busied up the early scenes with hordes of people to contrast with the bleakness and loneliness of the isolation to come; but that's what makes fine filmmaking. There's an ongoing love story between Hanks and the once again perfectly cast Helen Hunt. That's one of the elements that helps Hanks get through his long ordeal. But telling too much about this magnificent movie will only detract from your filmgoing enjoyment. Just check the hundreds of people listed in the closing credits and you'll realize how much it took to make this one-man story work. From the spectacular plane crash sequence to the heart-stopping battle with crashing waves near the shore, the special effects are invisible which makes evey moment feel real. And when at the end you find a sleek buffed Tom Hanks at the crossroad where the story begins, you'll wish it would continue on just a little longer.

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