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Changing Lanes

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

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DVD Features: Widescreen version; Dolby Digital 5.1 and Surround (Eng/Fre); English subtitles; Director commentary by Roger Michell; The making of Changing Lanes; A writer's perspective featurette; 2 deleted scenes; 1 extended scene; Theatrical trailer.

Changing Lanes
Affleck stars as a lawyer in a big hurry to make an important court appearance driving his flashy Mercedes through thick traffic on the FDR highway As he squeezes between cars to make an exit, he bumps another vehicle, sending its driver (Jackson) into the guardrail. There's only minor damage so Affleck offers to write a blank check so that he can be on his way. That strikes the other man as supremely arrogant and presumptuous and so he insists that things be handled properly. But Affleck jumps in his car and is off like a shot, leaving Jackson, who's also on his way to a major court appearance, stranded and enraged. When he's late for his appointment, he decides to get revenge and he has the means to do it, crucial paperwork that Affleck left at the accident scene. The daylong ordeal that follows for both men will hold your interest, but except for Jackson's usual classy performance, this film directed by British filmmaker Roger Michell is often disappointing. The best supporting roles are played by Kim Staunton as Jackson's wife, Sydney Pollack as Affleck's boss and father-in-law, and Dylan Baker who's very good in a few scenes as an oily private investigator with the means to do some real damage.

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