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Running Time:
115 minutes

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DVD Features: Director commentary by Denzel Washington; "Meeting Antwone Fisher" featurette; "The Making of Antwone Fisher" behind-the-scenes documentary, "Hollywood & The Navy" featurette; theatrical trailers; more.

Antwone Fisher
Antwone Fisher (Derek Luke), is a sailor serving in the U.S. Navy, who gets into trouble with unprovoked rages and finally into a fistfight with a fellow officer. He's quickly hustled into therapy, where his problems can be evaluated and perhaps remedied. Fisher is observed by superior officer Dr. Jerome Davenport (Washington), who is given only three sessions to discover the root of his patient's rages. After Fisher's initial resistance, Davenport's tough love regimen begins to make some headway with the boy. Davenport evolves into a father figure for Fisher who finally realizes he's found someone who cares, even if for a limited amount of time. Elements of Fisher's childhood come closer to the surface with each session. We learn about his father, who was killed by a former girlfriend, and of his widowed mother, who gave birth to him while she was in prison. We hear about his horrendous foster family experiences, marked by abuse, molestation and abandonment. Then we learn of Davenport's own situation at home, with his emotionally detached wife. This helps us understand that the teacher may have as many problems as does his pupil. Derek Luke, as Fisher, is a real find. His textured performance never falters under the weight of the film's heavy subject matter in scene after scene with the always magnificent strength of his co-star Washington. There's also a love story that slowly emerges as Fisher becomes whole again with a lovely performance by Joy Bryant as a fellow sailor. You'll probably shed more tears at this unforgettable film than you have in a very long time.

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