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Running Time:
120 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Rating Explanation:
for a fight scene, some images of nudity and a suggestive reference

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
This is a wildly imaginative, odd, but amazing little film. It's part enchanting fairy tale and part contemporary drama about family, estrangement and reconciliation; but it's all both weird and wonderful.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Tim Burton audio commentary; The Character's Journey: Edward Bloom at Large - take a look at the larger-than-life world of Edward Bloom; Amos at the Circus - Danny DeVito takes us through the Calloway Circus; Fathers and Sons - the cast and filmmakers share their thoughts on the Father and Son dynamic; The Filmmakers' Path - Tim Burton: Storyteller - a look at the director's process with great moments and insights on how Big Fish came to be; A Fairytale World - the importance of fairytales and myths and how these elements were incorporated into Big Fish; Creature Features - explore the magic of Stan Winston Studios; The Author's Journey - bringing "Big Fish" from the page to the screen; author Daniel Wallace and screenwriter John August discuss the origins and inspirations for Big Fish; The Finer Points - a Tim Burton trivia quiz

Big Fish
Journalist Will Bloom (Billy Crudup) has become a little sick of hearing the stories that his father, Ed (Albert Finney) tells, describing his life on the road as a series of wild and colorful, but hard-to-believe adventures. Will's so tired of his father's stories that for more than three years, he hasn't spoken to the old man. Now his fatherís confined to his bed, dying from cancer. Will, is anxious to learn who his father really is, but he doesnít want to hear any more of Dadís fantastic tales. No more stories about catching a giant fish, befriending a giant and getting him a job in a circus, or being lost in an enchanted village. But checking out his dad's myths, before long Will begins to see that there might be a lot more truth to his father's stories than what he initially believed. In fact, he soon realizes that they really do have a lot in common. Director Tim Burton ("Edward Scissorhands" and "Sleepy Hollow") has colorfully recreated all of these bizarre stories and interwoven them into a film thatís heartwarming, amusing, and often breathtaking. And the cast is fantastic. Ewan McGregor who looks astonishingly like the young Albert Finney is wonderful. Finney gives another amazing performance as the bombastic bedridden older man. Billy Crudup is equally excellent as the estranged son, and Jessica Lange is a delight as Willís mother. And the supporting cast includes outstanding performances from Alison Lohmann, Steve Buscemi, Helena Bonham Carter, and best of all - Danny De Vito as the circus ringmaster/owner. "Big Fish" is a deeply personal, lovingly crafted and extremely moving film, somewhat reminiscent of "Forrest Gump."

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