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Running Time:
133 minutes

Rating: PG Parental Guidance Suggested.

Rating Explanation:
for language

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
This earnest, but sometimes monotonous biography lacks dramatic tension but it does serve to honor a sports legend and should appeal to most audiences even if they haven't played golf.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Bloopers; Deleted scenes; Director commentary with special guest Prof. Richard Brown; "Celebrating the Legend" - The making-of Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius; Featurettes on The Bobby Jones Legacy; Photo gallery; Previews; Narrative track for the visually impaired.

Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius
Bobby Jones is a very human hero who suffers from some serious health problems and who smokes and drinks a lot. He also has a fiery temper despite the fact that he's always polite and an instantly likeable Southerner. He won the hearts of his small Georgia hometown before he was acclaimed around the world as golf's very best. The story starts at the peak of his career in 1936 in St. Andrews, Scotland and then flashes back to his childhood as a sickly but persistent kid who follows golfers around like a loyal puppy. Director Rowdy Herrington wrote the script with Bill Pryor taking the risky approach of making Jones's story into an epic tale filled with numerous other characters, including Jones's fellow golfers and his extended family and friends. The most interesting of the other characters is Walter Hagen (Jeremy Northam), a.k.a. "Sir Walter," golf's most notorious playboy. He gives a deliciously wicked performance as the man to beat up to the time that Jones begins to compete against him. Sir Walter loves it when people say of him that he regularly breaks eleven of the Ten Commandments. Jones has a strong sense of right, which causes him to lose the U.S. Open by one stroke after he insists on assessing a penalty on himself for doing something that literally no one else sees. The poem "If" becomes Jones's personal motto, and he is constantly quoting lines from it. It's an enjoyable movie that although overlong, is sweet, heart-warming, funny and even touching.

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