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Running Time:
1 hour, 49 minutes

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Rating Explanation:
for strong violence, language, some drug use and brief nudity

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
A sombre but gripping sci-fi action thriller with a powerful social and political message. It is riveting from start to finish.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: The Possibility of Hope: Alfonso Cuarón's documentary on how the revolutionary themes in Children of Men relate to our modern-day society; Under Attack: Discover how the filmmakers created the film's most dangerous scenes; Children of Men comments by Slavoj Zizek; Deleted scenes; Theo & Julian: Get the inside story from Clive Owen and Julianne Moore; Futuristic Design: From concept to creation, see how director Alfonso Cuarón's dynamic vision of the future was brought to life.

Children of Men
The year is 2027 and governments throughout the world have been overthrown and anarchy reigns. Only Great Britain has maintained some semblance of order, but the government has resorted to fascist tactics and misinformation to maintain some semblance of control. The reason for all this is because for 18 years no woman on Earth has had a baby. For some reason, everywhere in the world, humans have become universally stertile. At first birthrates declined, and there wasn't a single child born anywhere on earth since 2009. That means the youngest person alive is now 18.

Former activist Theo Faron (Clive Owen "Closer") is a bored civil servant working for England's Ministry of Energy. One day Theo suddenly runs into his former lover, Julian Taylor (Julianne Moore "Magnolia"), who disappeared years ago and now has returned as the leader of a radical group called the Human Project. The government has branded the group as terrorists, but they are actually non-violent only seeking to expose the British government's appalling treatment of immigrants. Since most other countries have turned to anarchy, England is being flooded with refugees, but their anti-immigration laws have made these aliens hunted and when they're caught they are incarcerated in a refugee camp which is identified as - Homeland Security.

Julian has come to Theo for help in getting travel papers for a woman named Kee (newcomer Claire-Hope Ashitey), who needs to be escorted to a safe place because she is pregnant. Before anyone discovers the secret, she must be hidden and protected at all costs. Theo takes the girl to the country hideaway of his only real friend, a retired newspaper cartoonist named Jasper, played charmingly by Michael Caine ("The Ugly American"). But soon they are forced to flee, and after that there are few moments for them, or us to breathe.

The screenplay was adapted from the novel by P.D. James by director Alfonso Cuaron ("Y tu mamá también") with Timothy J. Sexton. It is packed with fascinating details and nuances. They have made a world without children's laughter into a true place of horror. The government even begins to encourage suicide to keep the population down, and even provides kits to help them, although marijuana remains illegal. Religious zealotry is on the rise. People no longer have any regard for artistic works, since the world is coming to an end anyway.

In his outstanding performance Clive Owen becomes a full-fledged movie star in this film. You'll be seeing him in leading roles for many years to come. This gripping sci-fi action thriller, although tinged with darkness, has a powerful social and political message and it is riveting from start to finish.

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