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Running Time:
1 Hour, 41 Minutes

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Rating Explanation:
for drug use, violence, language and some sexuality.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
An uninspiring but unsettling psychological drama about the Durst family of New York City.

Additional Info:
Extra DVD Features: Deleted scenes; All Good Things: Truth in fiction; Back in time: Researching the original story ; Beneath the surface of All Good Things: Interview with Andrew Jarecki; Wrinkles in time: Ryan Ages ; Commentary with Andrew Jarecki (director/producer) and Robert Durst; Commentary with Andrew Jarecki (director/producer), Marcus Hinchey (co-writer/co-producer) and Marc Smerling (co-writer/producer).

Ryan Gosling ... David Marks
Kirsten Dunst ... Katie Marks
Frank Langella ... Sanford Marks
Lily Rabe ... Deborah Lehrman
Philip Baker Hall ... Malvern Bump

All Good Things
All Good Things starring Ryan Gosling: DVD Cover In the 1980's David Marks (Ryan Gosling "The Notebook") has no intention of going into his family business: running seedy hotels and bordellos in the Times Square area for his father Sanford Marks (Frank Langella "Frost/Nixon"). What does interest him is the beautiful Katie McCarthy (Kirsten Dunst "Marie Antoinette"), who he marries against the advice of his father, who warns him that “She’ll never be one of us.” To get away, David and his new bride move to Connecticul, where they open a quaint health food store names All Good Things. Eventually, perceiving that Katie may want more for their lives than running a rural New England store, David finally sells out and joins his father’s business in New York City.

As secrets from David's past begin to dominate his life including mother’s suicide many years earlier, Katie’s desire for a child diminishes, finally culminating in a rift in their relationship, and she decides to go to medical school. But within a few years Katie goes missing and David, while never convicted of a crime in connection with her disappearance, was suspected of having murdered her. Eventually two more people die: David's longtime friend Deborah Lehrman (Lily Rabe "No Reservations") and later when David moves to Florida, an elderly neighbor (Philip Baker Hall "Magnolia"), after which David poses as a woman to flee the scene which is when his life really begins to unravel. 

Much of
All Good Things, directed by Andrew Jarecki (who made the acclaimed documentary "Capturing the Friedmans") is revealed at David's murder trial. But, because there are, to this day, more questions than answers as to what actually occurred leading to Katie's disappearance as well as th
e two other killings, the film feels as incomplete as the actual case itself. The other major problem is that David is not at all a pleasant guy to focus on, although Ryan Gosling does an adequate job portraying him. But you're frustrated by the fact that in David's trial for Melvin's murder and dismemberment, of which you're quite sure he was guilty, but that he claimed was in self-defense, is simply frustrating. Too bad that Andrew Jarecki didn't make this true story into another documentary. It would have been far better.

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