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Running Time:
95 minutes

Rating: G General Audiences.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
This remarkably compelling action-packed documentary grabs you from the opening scene right up to its suspenseful climax. You shouldn't miss it.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Filmmakers' commentary; Bonus footage; Where Are They Now? - updates on all 8 profiled spellers; Interactive Hangman game - Deluxe Edition; Educational Guide - includes "Host Your Own Spelling Bee" kit & much more; Theatrical trailers.

Director Jeff Blitz spent a long time searching for the kids who had previously competed in the National Spelling Bee and filming them, in the hopes that they would return to the nationals another year. It paid off because the film follows 8 kids from different cities and different racial and economic backgrounds. Among them there's Ashley, the oldest daughter of a single mom from the D.C projects; Emily, who's from New Haven, CT, and had already lost twice at the nationals and hopes that this will be her lucky year; Neil from San Clemente, CA who studies 4000 words a day under the heavy hand of his Indian father, Rasjeh while his mother, Darshanna, lays his clothes out to save him two minutes of his precious time; and Angela, from Peyton, TX, the daughter of Mexican immigrants who donít even speak English. She doesn't have a computer and she isn't even coached by her teachers after school, as many of the other students are. The results of the National Spelling Bee are covered on television and for these 8 kids, the opportunity to shine as the best in the country could make their dreams come true. Watching them as they study SAT words at their young ages is totally engrossing. Everyone has a dream to be the best at something. Whether itís sports, or performing, or simply learning. All of these kids are winners, and you'll enjoy watching every minute of their exciting competition.

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