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1 hour, 35 minutes

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
A true-crime story so gripping, devastating, and ultimately unforgettable that it is easily the best thriller of the year.

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DVD Features:

Road to reform: petitions and links for activists working on judicial reform; Expanded scenes and additional highlights; Additional footage of Andrew and Zachary including the famous "Best Man Speech"

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

In November 2001, Andrew Bagby, age 28, died in Pennsylvania. His lifelong best friend, Kurt Kuenne, a filmmaker, decides to honor his memory and show Andrew's infant son, Zachary, what his father was like. He traveled all over the world interviewing Andrew's friends, relatives, and co-workers.  It seems that Andrew was adored by everyone who knew him. He had just become a doctor and was doing his residency in the small community of Latrobe, PA when he was murdered. 

In addition to being a memorial to a lost friend, the film is also an account of Kuenne's own moviemaking process, as he expertly weaves his old home movies with his newly shot interviews, slowly revealing crucial bits of information. You learn right away that Andrew was murdered and the killer was his mentally unstable ex-girlfriend. But what is most overwhelming is the fact that when she killed Andrew, she was pregnant with his child.

This true-crime documentary, follows the mishandled case through one frustrating episode after another. Having fled to her native Newfoundland, the murderer is let out on bail pending extradition, even though she's been accused of first-degree murder. The judge reasons that she's not a danger to the public because she's already killed the one person she wanted to kill, so there's no need to keep her incarcerated. You also meet Andrew's parents, a perfectly matched couple who move to Canada to be near their unborn grandchild and attend the trial, even if it means dealing with the woman who killed their son.

Without revealing anything more of this gripping, devastating, and ultimately unforgettable documentary, this rare film is bound to reduce almost any audience to tears.

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father with David Bagby: DVD Cover

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