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Running Time:
2 hours

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Rating Explanation:
for some language.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
A hard-hitting documentary about the egregious, toxic, and rapacious spin-offs from America's obsession with greed.

Capitalism: A Love Story
Capitalism: A Love Story Michael Moore is probably this country’s most successful documentary film maker, taking on automobile executives (“Roger and Me”), America’s penchant for unnecessary wars (“Fahrenheit 9/11”), the gun lobby (“Bowling for Columbine”), and the American health system (“Sicko”). In Capitalism: A Love Story he illustrates his disgust for the ways that Big Money’s corruption has punished millions of workers who have spent their lives playing by the rules.

People do not necessarily agree with everything Michael Moore comes up with, but even if you hate his ideology, you'll have to admit that he's undoubtedly the most entertaining documentarian working today. Still, unless you have a Ph.D in Economics, you may not get just what caused the near-Depression that the nation has so far avoided even if ten percent of the work force is now considered unemployed. You may still not quite understand the major cause of this recession or “credit swaps,” but Moore does not consider this a priority. He wants us to band together to demand that politicians make real changes, not the change that President Obama promised during his campaign. 

Moore also practices one of the longstanding rules of comedy and movie-making: leave the audience wanting more, by saving his best for last. Using yellow police crime scene tape he surrounds the Wall Street headquarters of various financial firms with a gusto that would impress Cecil B DeMille and with his trusty bullhorn and razor sharp comic skills at hand, Michael Moore tries to find a banker who can explain exactly what derivatives are. When he finally corners one and says he wants some advice,  the answer he gets is - "Stop making films!" But you can be sure that he won't and shouldn't.


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