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Running Time:
93 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Rating Explanation:
for thematic elements and sexual references

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
This is a mediocre film about hip-hop street dancing, with dazzling dance routines, but a too familiar plot.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Video and audio dance commentary with cast and crew; Director and cast commentary; "Serve It Up: The Making of You Got Served"; "Badaboom" music video by B2K; Battle of the beat clip compilation; Dance breakdown interactive multi-angle featurette; Previews.

You Got Served
The story is similar to ones you've seen in "8 Mile" and "Bring It On," but this one's about a team of hip-hop dancers in central Los Angeles. The bro's spend their days shooting hoops and their nights competing against other dancers at a club in a local warehouse owned by the fatherly Mr. Rad (Steve Harvey). The leader of the the neighborhood's top street-dancing team is Elgin (Marques Houston of IMX) and his best friend is David (Omari Grandberry of B2K). They have elaborate handshakies which take up much of the time they're together. But soon trouble arrives when a white crew from Orasnge County led by Wade (Christopher Jones) comes to Mr. Rad's place and out-dances them. But they'll remain friends to the bitter end, as long as David doesn't keep trying to make out with Elgin's sister Liyah (Jennifer Freeman). To make extra money, El and David deliver mysterious parcels for Emerald (Michael "Bear" Taliferro), a shady club owner. One day Elgin happens to be making a delivery by himself, because David is off with Liyah. On his own, Elgin is badly beaten by some thugs who steal Emerald's merchandise. Now Emerald expects Elgin to replace the money he's lost. The only way he can do that is to win a dance contest at the club, which luckily has a $50,000 prize. The dance sequences in the film directed by music video pro Christopher B. Stokes are fantastic, and they are plentiful. Fans of the hip-hop groups B2K and IMX will enjoy seeing their favorites dancing, and there's a guest appearance by Lil Kim. But best of all the actors is Meagan Good, who plays Beautifull, Liyah's wisecracking best friend. She is as much fun to watch as the best of the incredible dance routines

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