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Running Time:
1 hour, 49 minutes

Rating: G General Audiences.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
An infectiously ebullient big screen version of Disney Channel's runaway TV movie sensation.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Additional scenes; Deleted scenes; HSM Bloopers; Night of Nights; It's All in the Dress; Sing-Along; Cast Goodbyes.

Zac Efron ... Troy Bolton
Vanessa Hudgens ... Gabriella
Ashley Tisdale ... Sharpay Evans
Lucas Grabeel ... Ryan Evans
Corbin Bleu ... Chad Danforth
Monique Coleman ... Taylor
Olesya Rulin ... Kelsi Nielsen
Chris Warren Jr. ... Zeke Baylor
Ryne Sanborn ... Jason Cross
KayCee Stroh ... Martha Cox
Bart Johnson ... Jack Bolton

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

This infectiously upbeat big screen version of Disney Channel's runaway TV movie sensation begins with a blast of energy as basketball star Troy (Zac Efron "Hairspray") not only leads his team to victory but also belts out a song during the game as the Wildcats win their second basketball championship. It's senior year at East High and everyone is busy preparing for the senior prom and the year end musical. Troy's best girl Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens "Thunderbirds") is planning to go to Stanford, while Troy  has a basketball scholarship to the the U of A, the alma mater of his dad (Bart Johnson "Daddy Day Camp"), where he's planning to go along with his best friend, Chad (Corbin Bleu "Catch That Kid"). But with graduation on the horizon, things are sort of bittersweet between the popular couple, with Gabriella pulling away to avoid further heartbreak.

To complicate matters, drama teacher Ms. Darbus (Alyson Reed "A Chorus Line") has invited recruiters from Juilliard to come and see the senior year musical and award one student a scholarship. Troy's in the running but seems largely undecided about his future. But it's  Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale "High School Musical") who wows the Juilliard  recruiters despite the fact that she has to beat out her twin brother Ryan (Lucas Grabeel "High School Musical") and her new transfer-student best friend Tiara ( newcomer Jemma McKenzie-Brown), in the process.

Meanwhile on the basketball court, two new players (Matt Prokop "Billy" and Justin Martin "The Express") emerge to try to replace Troy's star power, although neither of them seems particularly well-suited to fill his shoes. There's also plenty of conflict in the Sharpay-Tiara competition, which produces a hilarious fight for the spotlight. As in the earlier TV films, director Kenny Ortega ("Hocus Pocus") employs a wide variety of musical genres, ranging from teen-angst rock themes to the boy-band numbers, adapting the styles to the particular characters' states of mind at that moment.

The songs are an engaging melange of rock, rap and Broadway-style ballads, but they aren't truly memorable. The choreographic high point is a rousing number in an auto junkyard. But all of the actors have talent to burn. Zac Efron gets plenty of chances to bat his baby blue eyes, and he sings and dances boisterously. Vanessa Hudgens adds warmth during their duets. It's too bad that the adults, such as the parents or the school drama teacher, have such one-dimensional roles. Still young audiences are bound to be delighted with this upbeat musical.

High School Musical 3 - Senior Year with Zac Efron: DVD Cover

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