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Rating: Unrated

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
This is an outstanding film that anyone interested in the subject matter won't want to miss.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Widescreen presentation; Filmmaker's commentary; Deleted scenes with optional commentary; Making-of featurette; Cast and crew interviews; Storyboards comparison; Score selections; Photo montage; Theatrical trailer; Interactive menus; Scene selections.

Nowhere in Africa
This is the story of a Jewish family that emigrates from Germany, to Kenya in East Africa, in the late 30's. It's been brilliantly brought to life by director Caroline Link and has the look and feel of a Hollywood epic, but it has natural and honest performances allowing it to avoid clichés. The story's narrated by the grown-up daughter of Walter Redlich (Merab Ninidze), a lawyer by profession, who arrives to work on a farm outside Nairobi in Kenya. He'd been forced to leave his money and possessions in Germany, and arrived in Kenya without almost anything. He soon gets malaria and is nursed back to health by his Masai cook and bodyguard. When his wife Jettel (Julianne Köhler) and five-year old daughter Regina join him from Germany, Jettel's expectations of continuing her middle class ways are quickly dashed. Her husband is incredulous when he learns that she purchased an expensive evening gown before leaving Germany instead of bringing what they really need - a refrigerator. Marital problems soon arise, and it often seems that the two are simply mismatched. When Jettel foolishly expresses the belief that the natives will soon learn to speak German and treats Owuor with disdain, Redlich scolds her for treating the natives the way the Nazis are treating the Jews. Their teenage daughter Regina (Karoline Eckertz) forms a loving bond with Owuor and befriends the African children, absorbing the Masai and Pokot cultures and learning words in their native tongue. As the family slowly begins to adjust to their new environment, all the Germans in Kenya are suddenly interned as enemy aliens, and they're forced to leave the farm. At war’s end Walter and Jettel and their now grown daughter have to face some life altering decisions about marriage and country and the logic of their choice is convincing.

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