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Running Time:
105 minutes

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Audio commentary with the cast (in Spanish only); Deleted scenes; Short film ""Me La Debes" by Carlos Cuaron; Making-of featurette; TV spot; Original theatrical trailer

Y Tu Mama Tambien
Writer-director Alphonso Cuaron (1995's "A Little Princess") spins a coming-of-age tale that breathes some life into the overused road-movie genre by conjuring up a provocative and sexy Mexican journey. It all starts when two randy teenagers contemple what they will do with their time after their girlfriends depart on a European vacation. Diego Luna, ("Before Night Falls") plays the rich son of a prosperous but morally bankrupt politician, and Gael Garcia Bernal,("Amores Perros) plays the less fortunate son of a struggling single mother whose home is a grungy Mexico city apartment. Together, they plan to escape their miseries and head out on a journey to sew their wild oats. When they meet the lovely Maribel Verdu, who plays the 28-year old wife of Luna's distant cousin, they convince her to join them on a trip to a beautiful (but fictitious) beach. Both Luna and Bernal play their roles with an enthusiastic conviction, and Spanish actress Maribel Verdu is marvelous as the older object-of-affection of the two virile teenagers, as she attempts to escape her own sexual frustration by toying with the hormones of her only too-willing admirers.

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