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Running Time:
112 minutes

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Pedro Almodovar and Geraldine Chaplin Commentary; Weblinks to movie website and official Pedro Almodovar website; Digitally Mastered Audio & Anarmorphic Video; Mastered in High Definition; Audio: Spanish 5.1 (Dolby Digital), French 5.1 (Dolby Digital); Subtitles: English, French.

Talk to Her
Almodovar has built his film around two men this time, rather than the colorful women we've met in his earlier films. It opens with an expressionist ballet featuring world famous dancer - Pina Bausch. In the audience, seated next to each other, are Benigno (Javier Camara) and Marco (Dario Grandinetti), who is moved to tears by the passionate dance on the stage. Months later, the two men meet again at a hospital where Benigno is the caretaker for Alicia, a dancer with whom he has fallen madly in love. He runs into who Marco is there to visit his girlfriend Lydia, a hosptalized bullfighter. Each of the women are so seriously injured that they are comatose. Over the course of caring for the women, the two men strike up a friendship. Marco admits he questions continuing his relationship, knowing only a miracle can bring Lydia back. Benigno encourages Marco to "talk to her," as he's been doing to Alicia for the past four years. The plot continually twists and turns taking the drama to places you'd never imagine, but somehow it all seems to make perfect sense. This film gem is a worthy follow-up to Almodóvar's equally wonderful "All about My Mother," and while it's bound to appeal most of all to his fans, if you enjoy intelligent films made for an adult audience, this one's for you.

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