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Running Time:
115 minutes

Rating: NC-17. No One Under 17 and Under Admitted

Rating Explanation:
for explicit sexual content.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
An elegant, but pretentious drama notable for its frank depiction of sexual behavior.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Feature commentary by director Bernardo Bertolucci, writer Gilbert Adair, and producer Jeremy Thomas; "Bertolucci Makes The Dreamers" documentary; "Outside the Window": Events in France, May, 1968" featurette; Michael Pitt music video "Hey Joe"; Theatrical trailer.

The Dreamers
Director Bernardo Bertolucci ("Last Tango in Paris") has created a romantic tale about a young Californian studying in Paris, who strikes up a friendship with a French brother and sister, during the '68 student riots. Matthew (Michael Pitt), the American exchange student, becomes friends with Theo (Louis Garrel), and his sister Isabelle (Eva Green). While the riots, which eventually shut down most of the French government, are happening all around them, the three friends develop a relationship unlike anything Matthew has ever experienced, or will ever encounter again. United by their youthful hedonism, their bohemian, revolutionary spirit, and their love of movies, they test each other's knowledge of film that spills over into elaborate games and dares, including sexual challenges between the three young people, caught in an atmosphere of political unrest and uprising. There's a wonderful soundtrack featuring some of the best music of the period (Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and The Doors), but while "Last Tango" examined questions of sexual politics, class, loneliness, and the power of physical relationships back in 1973, this film while featuring even more nudity and eroticism, is not nearly as sexy, or as rewarding.

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