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Running Time:
2 hours, 5 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
An absorbing, perplexing, but compelling thriller.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Deleted Scenes; Outtakes.
Francois Cluzet ... Dr. 'Alex' Beck
Marie-Josee Croze ... Margot Beck
Andre Dussollier ... Jacques Laurentin
Kristin Scott Thomas ... Heleene Perkins
Francois Berleand ... Eric Levkowitch
Nathalie Baye ... Maitre Elysabeth Feldman
Jean Rochefort ... Gilbert Neuville
Marina Hands ... Anne Beck
Gilles Lellouche ... Bruno

Tell No One
Happily married, Dr. Alex Beck (Francois Cluzet "The Horseman on the Roof"), a pediatrician and his wife Margot (Marie-Josee Croze " The Diving Bell and the Butterfly") drive to a remote lake for a swim. She swims across the lake leaving Alex on a jetty dozing. Suddenly his name is shouted from across the lake by his wife, he swims across, climbs out of the water, and his struck hard and knocked unconscious. We learn that his wife was brutally murdered, and two mens bodies were found near the spot she died. He was the primary suspect before someone else was finally caught and convicted. Even though his name was cleared, some still wonder whether they got the wrong man because there are still some details that just don't add up in Beck's alibi. Eight years later, two buried bodies are unearthed at the very same place where his wife was found dead. The police are watching him and they are considering re-opening the inquest into his wife's murder, as well.

Through the use of multiple flashbacks, not all of them in fact true, writer/director Guillaume Canet ("My Idol") reveals, unreveals and rereveals a twisted tale that leads us back and forth so we're not able to tell whether what we are seeing is real or doctored, but when Beck receives two mysterious emails from an anonymous source and a link to a video that appears to show his wife alive, he is determined to find what really happened at the lake that night.

At the same time that Beck is trying to hunt down his wife he is also trying to find who is sending him these emails. Meanwhile, more evidence keeps popping up that makes the police think that not only did Beck murder his wife but he is on a killing rampage. The police close in on Beck and right before they nab him, he escapes. What follows is a brilliantly exciting chase sequence.

The film is based on a best selling thriller by the American novelist Harlan Coben. In the fine supporting cast you'll also find Kristin Scott Thomas, Jean Rochefort and Nathalie Baye. As in the novel, the plot keeps tossing in little clues as well as a number of red herrings so that by the time we learn the real truth, we are almost as exhausted as Beck. This is such a compelling film that at times you may feel you are watching a true cinematic masterpiece, but by the end you'll realize that it does fall a bit short, but not by that much.

NOTE: Director Guillaume Canet was formerly an actor appearing in many films including "The Beach" and "Joyeux Noel."

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