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Running Time:
83 minutes

Rating: G General Audiences.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Spirit's Make-a-Movie Studio: a DVD first! (DVD-ROM) - create your own movie using real backgrounds, characters, music and sound effects from the film; - record your own narration and import your favorite photos to personalize your movie; DWK: DreamWorks Kids - This Way to Play!; - learn to draw Spirit with a DreamWorks animator; - 15 interactive games and activities (DVD-ROM & set-top features) including: Hillside Glide, Cimarron Slam, Wild West Word Wrangle, Lakota Decoder & Teepee Tees; The Animation of Spirit: a fascinating look at the integration of hand drawn 2-D and computer generated 3-D animation; The Songs of Spirit: learn how Grammy-winner Bryan Adams and Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer brought Spirit's story to life through music; Storyboards; Filmmakers' commentary and much, much more

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Spirit, the mustang stallion at the heart of the story, is magnificent to watch in action, but the screenplay has created an unexciting hero that audiences could have a more difficult time identifying with, than they previously did with dogs, cats, deer, a flying elephant, a lion king or even Shrek's talking donkey. Spirit is born into an untamed land that is a composite of several U.S. national parks from the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley to the Yosemite and Yellowstone. Here the Native American dwells more or less peacefully with nature. But the coming of the white man threatens everything. This time the Indians are the good guys and the cavalry are the bad ones. Spirit is captured by scouts for the cavalry, but no one, not even the Colonel (James Cromwell), can break the mustang. Spirit soon escapes the fort with a Lakota brave and at the Indian's camp, he falls in love with a mare named Rain. When the two get caught in a skirmish between the tribe and cavalry, Rain is gravely injured. Spirit is again captured and sent to a railroad work camp. In the movie's most impressive action sequence, the horse wrecks the camp by causing a locomotive to crash down a steep incline into a fireball that ignites a forest fire. Sadly, the movie sometimes feels rather stiff and it's only intermittently involving.

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