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Running Time:
1 hour, 35 minutes

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Rating Explanation:
for strong brutal violence, graphic sexuality, nudity, language and some drug use

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
A gripping action thriller with interesting characters, several plot twists and a satisfying conclusion.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Director David Cronenberg commentary; "Acts of Violence" documentary- a comprehensive, behind-the-scenes journey on the making of the film; Three riveting featurettes

A History of Violence
Viggo Mortensen (Lord of The Rings) is well cast as Tom Stall, happily married father of two in the small Indiana town of Millbrook. At his diner one night, a couple of no-account drifters stop by for cash and mayhem, and Tom responds with lightning instinct to protect his employees and customers, killing the murderous pair. He becomes an instant local hero, much to his consternation, especially when the TV coverage draws a scarred mobster played Ed by Harris (Pollack) to the diner, along with his two slimy henchmen. They insist Tom's name is Joey and that they have unsfinished business back in Philadelphia. This provokes fierce protectiveness from Tom's lawyer wife, played by Maria Bello (The Cooler). Tom merely tries to shrug it all off as a case of mistaken identity. But this unassuming husband, father, and mild-mannered businessman finds himself suddenly swept up in the harsh world of betrayals, deceptions, and a whole lot of violence. No stranger to this genre, director David Cronenberg (The Fly) demonstrates quiet confidence, intelligence, along with some stunningly effective moments of gripping violence. Viggo Mortensen delivers a performance that's as quietly commanding as it is deeply sympathetic. Equally effective is Maria Bello as Tom's loving, devoted, and gradually desperate wife, a character entirely real and sympathetic. The supporting roles, from Ed Harris as a scarred villain to William Hurt as an intimidating bastard, are fine as well, as is Howard Shore's unsettling musical score which provides a pitch-perfect backbone to the compelling action onscreen.

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