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Running Time:
1 hour, 43 minutes

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Rating Explanation:
for disturbing violent and aberrant sexual content involving a teen, and for language.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
Stunning and suspenseful, this shocking psychological thriller also has a spectacular performance by teenager Ellen Page.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Commentary With Director David Slade and writer Brian Nelson; Commentary with Actors Patrick Wilson and Ellen Page; Deleted and extended scenes; "Creating Hard Candy" Making-of-documentary; "Controversial" Confection" Minfeaturette; DVD-ROM production notebook; English closed captioning; Theatrical trailer

Hard Candy
Hayley (Ellen Page "Love That Boy ") is a 14-year old petite, attractive and intelligent teenager, who like most of her contemporaries spends quite a lot of time on the internet. For a few weeks she’s been chatting online with a guy named Jeff, and they finally agree to meet at a coffee shop. Hayley is surprised and pleased that Jeff (Patrick Wilson, Raoul in "Phantom of the Opera"), a soft-spoken 32-year old photographer, is as attractive and charming as he seemed online. The two of them get along famously. Hayley seems to be a typical precocious teenager, giggly and pleased with the attention from a good-looking older man.

It seems she believes he's guilty of murdering another teenage girl. What follows is sometimes difficult to watch, even to listen to. But it is clever, provocative and extremely well-acted by Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson. The question of Jeff’s guilt is cleverly left open, and there are several moments when you begin to doubt Hayley’s reasons for her actions. He seems so nice, reasonable, even likeable. The fact that he's occasionally found one of the underage girls who model for him attractive, doesn’t mean he did anything about it.

This is a dilemma most audiences will be able to relate to. Patrick Wilson in his best role on film so far, gives a performance that subtly changes from a brash, confident charmer into snivelling weasel while being put through all sorts of unpleasant physical experiences. But the real revelation is newcomer Ellen Page, who's simply superb. The themes of murder, deception and pedophilia have been featured in a number of films previously, but never quite like this. It's an impressive first feature from music video and commercial director David Slade. It's shockingly unforgettable.

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