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Running Time:
96 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Additional Info:
DED Features: "Creating the Time Machine"; "Creating the Morlocks"; Animated sequence featuring Simon Wells' original storyboards set to music; Commentaries from director, producer, editor and visual effects supervisor; Deleted scenes.

The Time Machine
Starting in a beautifully recreated turn-of-the century New York City, where eccentric scientist Pearce constructs a wonderous time-travel machine which carries him 130 years and ultimately 800 thousand years into the future. There in what used to be New York City he meets friendly natives including beautiful Samantha Mumba, but she's captured and taken underground and so our hero is forced to confront a white-faced, white-haired underworld overlord played by Jeremy Irons. The usual special-effects battles ensue, but they're unimaginative and nothing that you haven't seen before. Mark Addy plays Pearce's best friend (David Philby), Orlando Jones appears as a wise and amusing hologram, a dispenser all human knowledge, and Alan Young (Philby in the 1960 version) makes a brief appearance as a flower-seller.

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