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131 minutes

Rating: PG Parental Guidance Suggested.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Commentary by George Lucas, Rick McCallum, Ben Burtt, Rob Coleman, John Knoll, Dennis Muren, and Scott Squires; Anamorphic widescreen (aspect ratio 2.35:1); Sound: English Dolby 5.1 Surround EX, English Dolby 2.0 Surround, Spanish Dolby 2.0 Surround; Subtitles: English; Exclusive deleted scenes documentary features seven new sequences, including extended Podrace scenes; All-new hour-long documentary film culled from over 600 hours of footage; go inside Lucasfilm and ILM during production; Multi-angle storyboard-to-animatic-to-film segment featuring the Submarine and Podrace Lap 1 sequences; Five featurettes explore storyline, design, costumes, visual effects, and flight scenes; Award-winning 12-part web documentary series that chronicles the production of "Episode I"; "Duel of the Fates" music video featuring John Williams; Never-before-seen production photo gallery with special caption feature; Theatrical posters and print campaign from around the world; Theatrical teaser and launch trailers, plus seven TV spots; "Star Wars:Starfighter: The Making of a Game" featurette from LucasArts; DVD-ROM weblink to exclusive "Star Wars" content.

Star Wars: (Episode I ) - The Phantom Menace
Obi-Wan-Kenobi (who you'll remember as an elderly Alec Guiness), and played here by Ewan McGregor) is now a much younger apprentice Jedi knight being trained by Liam Neeson. Anakin Skywalker (who will eventually father Luke who'll you'll remember as Harrion Ford) is here just a sweet-faced nine year old boy (played by Jake Lloyd) but he will one day in a later episode become Darth Vader. You'll find all the action and excitement of the original 3 installments here plus lots of dazzling new special effects and technical wizardry. You'll also find Terence Stamp and Samuel Jackson in the cast.

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