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Running Time:
51 minutes

Rating: G General Audiences.

The Young Black Stallion
After a band of robbers separates an Arabian girl named Neera (Biana Tamini) from her father, she finds herself alone in the desert. Before long, a mysterious black colt comes to her rescue. The two quickly form a special bond, and the horse returns Neera to her grandfather. Once Neera is back home, the stallion disappears. A year passes, but the black stallion does not return. Neera’s grandfather tells her that she probably just imagined the horse, but Neera knows better. She thinks the stallion must be the “lost horse of the desert,” and she wonders if the mysterious black stallion will ever return. The film is based on Steven Farley’s 1989 novel and is a prequel to his novel and the classic 1979 film it sired, "The Black Stallion." The best thing about this film is the scenery which is georgeous and will capture the audience much more than the film’s plot and characters. The exciting horserace sequence lets you know how good the film could have been with a little more effort. The Young Black Stallion has the right ingredients…it just doesn’t have enough of them. Director, Simon Wincer, has a lot of experience making family films (Free Willy, Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles), but this is just a cute, cuddly, G-rated family entertainment, but not too much more.

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