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Running Time:
1 hour, 46 minutes

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Rating Explanation:
for language, drug use and some nudity

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
Al Pacino shows a new side of himself, backed by a terrific cast in this smart and entertaining movie for grownups.

Additional Info:
Al Pacino ... Danny Collins
Jennifer Garner ... Samantha
Christopher Plummer ... Frank Grubman
Bobby Cannavale ... Tom Donnelly
Aarti Mann ... Nurse Nikita
Annette Bening ... Mary Sinclair
Katarina Cas ... Sophie
Brian Smith ... Judd
Eric Lange ... Doctor Silverman
Giselle Eisenberg ... Hope Donnelly

Danny Collins
Danny Collins is a heartwarming story of a one time rock star (Al Pacino) who can fill a stadium with his baby boomer fans but has an empty life that even a hot young fiancee and partying cannot hide. And then he discovers that 40 years ago, when he admitted in an interview that he was afraid of becoming successful because it might impair his integrity as an artist, John Lennon sent him a letter saying that it did not have to happen that way and encouraging him to call. The letter never reached him until four decades later, when Collins’ longtime manager and best friend (Christopher Plummer) found it from a collector and bought it as a surprise birthday gift.
The letter serves as a wake-up call, instantly connecting Danny to the musician he once was. He cancels his tour, breaks up with the fiancee, and orders his private plane to New Jersey, where he moves into a suburban hotel managed by Mary Sinclair (Annette Bening). He buys a new piano and has it delivered to his hotel room so he can start composing. And he reaches out to the son he has never met (Bobby Cannavale), who lives in New Jersey with his pregnant wife (Jennifer Garner) and young daughter (Giselle Eisenberg).
Al Pacino is not entirely convincing as a rock star on stage but his genially raffish charm is as endearing to us as it is to the people he charms along the way. The highlight of the film, directed by David Gordon Green ("Pineapple Express") is what he calls his “patter” with Mary, a sparkling throwback to the kind of romantic banter that might have been tossed back and forth by Tracy and Hepburn.
Immune to his charm, at least at first, is his son, even after Danny performs some rock star magic to help the family. But that’s what movies are for — to let us see Danny overcome his son’s efforts not to give in, all to the tune of some of Lennon’s most moving songs. And to wonder what we might do differently if we got a long-lost letter from John Lennon.

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