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Running Time:
1 hr. 50 min.

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Rating Explanation:
for violence throughout and language

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
There's some pleasant globe-trotting - Brazil to Thailand to Australia to Bulgaria - and a lot of over-the-top fights. But don't be surprised if after a few rounds, you find yourself wishing it would quickly end.

Additional Info:
Jason Statham ... Arthur Bishop
Jessica Alba ... Gina
Tommy Lee Jones ... Max Adams
Michelle Yeoh ... Mei
Sam Hazeldine ... Crain
John Cenatiempo ... Jeremy
Toby Eddington ... Adrian Cook
Femi Elufowoju Jr. ... Krill
Anteo Quintavalle ... Frank
Rhatha Phongam ... Courier
Bonnie Zellerbach ... Headmistress

Mechanic: Resurrection
Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is living in Brazil under the alias Otto Santos (don’t even ask). He is immediately being recruited for a job and before you can blink he’s beating down a half-dozen guys and punches out a woman (it’s that kinda movie). If you are against violence against women, tune away from this one. Next, he ventures onto a tropical island where he meets Gina (Jessica Alba) who he falls for in a matters of minutes. Of course she ends up being abducted and he must kill some dangerous people to get her back. That’s pretty much all you get plot wise.

After the first action scene that occurs minutes into the movie, there is a long lull between the next action scene. Way too much time was devoted to the meet cute (which wasn’t cute at all) between Bishop and Gina. When the action finally gets going, it’s pretty solid. There are some cool and exciting fight scenes, but they are so fast-paced you can easily lose focus of what’s going on.

Unlike in the first Mechanic film, Bishop compiles a heck of a lot of flier miles. His travels take him to Brazil, Thailand, Cambodia, Bangkok, Australia and he even makes an appearance in Bulgaria. This man puts Jason Bourne’s world-wide travels to shame. They definitely wanted to give this movie an international feel. The “job” in Australia contains the coolest scene of the movie where he takes apart a pool that’s on the ledge of a skyscraper. It’s a scene that will make you woozy if you’re afraid of heights. Visually, they definitely nail some great locales.

Mechanic: Resurrection, directed by ("The Wave") is a mindless movie that tries to keep you busy with all its adrenaline pumping action, and it accomplishes that. There is no denying Jason Statham gets the job done and it’s fun to watch him do it, even if there is little point or anything significant at stake. You will be visually entertained for the duration of the film, and although it won’t inspire you, it shouldn’t disappoint you either. It’s just a typical Statham movie, and if you’re a fan, you’ll like it. It’s high on action, but low on intellect. This film could have been a solid video game with the inordinate amount of kill shots. But, by tomorrow morning it will be gone from your mind.


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