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Running Time:
1 hr. 35 min.

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Rating Explanation:
for brief strong violence and some language

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
An alluring glimpse at the life of this beloved American public figure's private world and an enthralling starring performance by Natalie Portman.

Additional Info:
Natalie Portman ... Jackie Kennedy
Peter Sarsgaard ... Bobby Kennedy
Greta Gerwig ... Nancy Tuckerman
Billy Crudup ... The Journalist
John Hurt ... The Priest
Richard E. Grant ... Bill Walton
Caspar Phillipson ... John F. Kennedy
Beth Grant ... Lady Bird Johnson
John Carroll Lynch ... Lyndon Johnson
Max Casella ... Jack Valenti
Sara Verhagen ... Mary Gallagher
Hélène Kuhn ... Pam Turnure
Deborah Findlay ... Maud Shaw
Corey Johnson ... Larry O'Brien
Aidan O'Hare ... Kenny O' Donnell

Known for her extraordinary dignity and poise, this is a psychological portrait of the First Lady as she struggles to maintain her husband's legacy and the world of "Camelot" that they created and loved so well.

Of all the movies made about the JFK assassination, none has ever really devoted a considerable amount of time to Jackie’s trauma after the shooting. This film is structured as her remembrances during the Hyannis Port LIFE Magazine interview a week after the assassination, by which time Jack was buried and Jackie and the kids had already vacated the White House to make way for LBJ.

Unusual for a biopic Jackie takes a highly elliptical approach, and will no doubt put Chilean director Pablo Larrain high-up on the list of A-level directors. But, most of the movie’s praise will deservedly go to Natalie Portman, who’s uncanny as the title character. Totally embodying Jackie’s famous poise and her debutante Southampton speech pattern, she evokes the first lady’s famous wit, style and grace, which made her one of the most iconic women of the twentieth century. Little time is spent depicting the marriage. Rather, Jackie depicts her struggle to cope with the assassination, giving us a truly personal perspective that’s missed previously in movies that focus on the assassination itself or the conspiracy theories surrounding it.

Natalie Portman is absolutely fascinating to watch here, disappearing thoroughly into the role in a way she hasn’t since Black Swan (whose director - Darren Aronofsky - is listed as a producer). From her chain-smoking in Jack’s office listening to the soundtrack to "Camelot" (which held a special significance to the family as the Kennedy White House was often dubbed with that title), or fighting Jack Valenti and LBJ’s security concerns about the funeral, she’s magnetic. Peter Sarsgaard also has a notably good part as Robert Kennedy, as he struggles with his brother’s death but also finds himself at odds with the new LBJ White House.

Technically impeccable, some of the choices are unconventional, such as having the actor briefly playing JFK be dubbed by historical recordings of the real man, but they mostly work. The atypical score by Mica Levy is especially fine, introducing several really excellent themes.

Given its quality and Natalie Portman's amazing performance, it’s a given Jackie will be talked about a lot at  the end of the year when Oscar talk begins. Certainly, Natalie Portman seems a likely Best Actress nominee and possible the winner.  

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