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Pier 66 Maritime, Hudson River Park
West side of Manhattan; We are moving so please look a the website or call. Tel: 212-406-2225. Email: info@tugpegasus.org
New York , New York
United States of America

Grade Level:
All grades

Tug Pegasus Preservation Project
Tugboat Museum: Adults, teens and children who participate in hour-long tours aboard the tugs will learn about :
Maritime Culture: Visitors will learn how the port made New York City and provided the “Gateway to the West”.
The Marine Industry: The tells the story of two over-100 year-old tugs, exhibits of technological advancements in the 20th century.
The Marine Environment: The tours will demonstrate the fact that the maritime industry is vital today and contributes to our ecological sustainability.
New York Harbor: Visitors will be able to see all the various types of vessels that work in the harbor.
REGION: New York Country, NYC.

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