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100 Old Slip
New York , New York 10005

Contact Information:
Phone: 212-480-3100
Website: www.nycpolicemuseum.org/

Monday through Saturday
10:00AM to 5:OOPM

The New York City Police Museum

Exhibitions Floor by Floor:

First Floor

Explores the history and evolution of vehicles used by the NYPD.

police vehicles

Communication Room
Displays vintage communication equipment and live NYPD radio communication.

Look of the Law
Displays of a collection of vintage NYPD uniforms dating to mid 19th century.

police uniforms - 1902, 1920, 1960
Links to the Past
Traces the changes on New York City Policing from the 1600s - today.


Second Floor

Heritage Hall
Rotating exhibits celebrate the ethnic diversity of the members of the NYPD.

Portraits of the Force
Historic 19th and 20th century photographs of NYPD officers.

Police Bureaus
Mulit-video exhibit explains the roles of the diffferent bureaus of the NYPD.

Jail Cell
An authentic jail, open for your experience "behind bars."

Vintage Weapons and Notorious Criminals
Display of vintage weapons and some of the criminals that used them.


Third Floor

9.11 Remembered
Explores how the NYPD responded on 9/11. Exhibit features testimonials and artifacts.

Policing a Changed City
Chronicles how the NYPD has used new technology, intelligence gathering and community outreach to successfully fight crime and terrorism since the tragic attacks on September 11th.

Leadership and Medals of Valor
Learn about the NYPD leadership since 1845 and the history of the Medals of Valor.

Hall of Heroes
Dedicated to the NYPD officers killed in the line of duty since 1845.


Stuff For Kids:

Kids always uncover something cool at The New York City Police Museum.  They can test out the sirens used in an NYPD patrol car, take their friend’s “mug shot” in a police line-up and see what life is like on the other side of the bars in a real jail cell.  On display in the Weapons and Notorious Criminals exhibit are Al Capone’s Tommy gun, and infamous bank robber Willie Sutton’s handmade lock-picking kit.  Baseball fans will discover the origin of the New York Yankees logo in the original NYPD Medal of Valor.

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